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Megan Bunch

Doula ~ Childbirth Educator ~ Prenatal Yoga Instructor

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As a birth doula, childbirth educator, and prenatal yoga instructor I help prepare expectant families for their unique pathways to parenthood. Each mother and baby pair are unique, and so will be their labor - a journey which will likely be unpredictable and challenging, but also immensely rewarding and empowering. It is my honor and joy to witness families being created through this transformative experience.

Doula Services

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Childbirth Education

What People Are Saying

"You have such a clear, no-nonsense, and really balanced way of looking at birth . . ."

"Whenever I recall my birth, I am so grateful that it all happened just as I had hoped and planned, thanks to you."

"Our birth is a day we will never forget, and we will forever be grateful for your significant role in how it turned out."

"Thank you so much for all of your wonderful guidance and advice."

"All of your encouragement and coaching were so instrumental in making my delivery/labor the experience I was hoping for."

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